Our last training approached, a final get together of the crew, a last hurrah with the familiar faces. We met again 14th-20th April 2017 in Berlin. The theme was closure of the project and an outlook to the future, how to make the efforts of the last 2 years sustainable. Sadly we could not have all the delegates present, Thijl and Isabel, the second German youth delegate that joined us in the second round of yIGFs in 2016, were unable to attend. However, we had Özgür from the Turkish partner and Lorena from our German host with us.

During the training we collected all the information we gained over the last two years, the personal insights gained and the individual development made through the process. Each person involved changed a lot through the process and even the structures hosting the yIGFs changed through the process and made more room for young people to take a stance and speak their mind.

An essence to continue these structures and to keep young people is funding. Funding is very tricky to come by, in particular if one wants to participate in the international meetings. We gathered good practice about the funding and programmes used to take part in these meetings. However, another step will be set through advocacy. Hosts of these activities, international NGOs, European institutions should support young people in joining these processes.

The delegates laid out next steps for the upcoming year to apply their experiences gained through the project; planning to reach out to the big players in the IGF sphere, use the networks they are in, engage with decision makers and continue to run events. These plans went beyond personal engagement but rather was meant to open doors for new youth in the processes.

Aside all the serious business we had nice team moments, like an escape room themed around data protection. To leave no one out we also held a team skype meeting with all the partners to share the results of the training and plans on how to continue forward.

We are looking forward to a busy 2017, even though the project is nearing the finish line.