Our third event had to wait a bit longer than expected with the busy schedules of the team. In the end it took place 23rd-30th of September in lovely Vienna. The training was focused on the youth delegates inputs on the topic of participation and enhancing the opportunities for young people in Internet governance structures.

With a tight-knit group of 3 delegates we dug right in. At the offices of the youth council we looked into participation in general and youth participation in particular and learned about good practice from their work.

The other days we met at the WienXtra Medienzentrum or used the brilliant late summer weather outside. We looked deeply into the existing participation structures for young people in Internet governance and talked about models to describe participation (eg. Hart’s ladder of participation). Over the days we developed a better insight into the needs of the target group and the aspect of inclusion became more present. We spend an afternoon to talk about privilege and how to be a good ally, to those not able to join the processes.

In order to connect with the other youth delegates we had a video chat with the entire group, talked about our findings and heard about the situation in Turkey after the “coup attempt”. As a response the youth delegates taught each other the use of secure communication tools, like encrypted messengers and pgp mail encryption. If you want to know more, check out: https://www.openpgp.org/ or attend a local crypto party in your area! We refined our skills in the local hackerspace Metalab and talked to the local community about their perspectives on Internet governance.

The last day illness struck down two of the delegates, so we had to call the programme short and postphoned the summary of ideas to an online follow up, which you will soon be able to read in the project publication.

Sorry folks, this time we only got pictures of our work. We definitely need a camera person!

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