The German Youth IGF 2016 was a three-day event. Arriving participants on 7th September were welcomed with a nice Tapas menu and excellent small talk. The accommodation was spectacular, minimalist cabins in a large loft, like a Finnish sauna landscape.

After a healthy nights sleep the youth IGF started on 8th September. A group of ~25 young people gathered at Berlins St. Oberholz to lay out their ideas for the internet policy of tomorrow. With special guests: Julia Pohle (senior researcher at WZB project group “The Internet Policy Field”, Jörg Pohl (assistant to MP Konstantin von Notz, responsible for media policy) and Hauke Gierow (editor at, the group discussed a variety of topics on the agenda from data breaches to hack-backs.

After the discussions with the experts the group created messages to be read on the German IGF the next day and forwarded to the UN IGF in December. The topics picked up in the messages were:

  1. Free and lasting access to culture and information
  2. Hate speech research and how to combat hate speech
  3. Digital education as research subject
  4. Digital alphabetisation
  5. Export controls for dual use technologies
  6. Net neutrality
  7. Free crypo

The original German full formulation of the Messages can be found here: