The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is the cornerstone of this project. It is the international forum, instated through the UN, to discuss the future of the internet. There is hardly a better place to go, if you want to change the discussions around issues related to the world wide web. The IGF is a multi-stakeholder forum. That means anyone can come and discuss with the others on eye level. The core stakeholders are governments, industry, technical community, academia and civil society. Youth is usually considered a part of civil society. Initiatives like the European Youth IGF are raising the profile of young people in these processes and enable more participation, in particular of youth.

This years IGF took place in João Pessoa, Brazil. These are the reports of our delegates to the IGF 2015:

Auke’s Report

David’s Report

Florian’s Report

Sonia’s Report

Thijl’s Report

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