Austria joins the youth IGF club. On 16th September 2015 the first Austrian youth IGF took place. Around 30 young people found together on the premises of the state archive and discussed about their perspectives on the internet.

In a world cafe format the young people could exchange their views with experts, who gave feedback from their respective fields. The experts:

  • Thomas Lohninger (AK Vorrat) – net neutrality, data retention
  • Judith Schossböck (Uni Krems) – online activism, e-participation
  • Pepi Zawodsky (Metalab Vienna) –  connecting safely
  • Anu Pöyskö (WienXtra Medienzentrum) – digital literacy
  • Joachim Losehand (VIBE) – copyright and Creative Commons
  • Sonja Fischbauer and Mathias Huter (Open Knowledge Foundation) – open data

The group developed messages to be delivered to the Austrian and international IGF. The messages resolved around the issues:

  • media literacy for all
  • e-participation
  • net neutrality
  • digital infrastructure
  • data retention
  • right to information

The full (German) formulation of the messages you can find here: