The annual forum on internet governance that is organized by the United Nations and has taken place in Istanbul in the year 2014, Internet Governance Forum (IGF), with its youth organization has been organized for the first time in Turkey, Istanbul. The forum that has had four main sessions on Internet Governance, Mass Data, Media Literacy, and Anonimity, has been organized by the Turkey European Foundation.

Youth IGF events that are taking place in five countries (Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey) with the coordination of Network of European Digital Youth (NERDY), has been organized for the first time in Istanbul, Turkey on September 5th, 2015 at Istanbul Bilgi University’s Social Incubation Center with the participation of young people from Turkey and representatives from Turkey and Europe. Among the participants were students, NGO representatives, volunteers, activists, and young professionals. Turkey European Foundation has been a partner organization in the consortium that is organizing Youth IGF events across Europe, and has led this event in Istanbul. The participants have expressed their opinions and indulged into discussions at the four main sessions of the event on “Internet Governance”, “Mass Data”, “Media Literacy” and “Anonimity”, and whole day was moderated by Gürkan Özturan of the Turkey European Foundation.

At the sessions where participants engaged in extensive and in-depth discussions, the decision to organize a National IGF has been taken. Moreover, one of the participants will take his/her place at the preparation meeting to take place in the Netherlands as well as the global IGF which will take place in Brazil.

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