The German Youth IGF took place on 20th May 2015 in Berlin. About 10 young people came together to discuss with experts the current issues of Internet governance. They brought in 3 core messages to be promoted towards the IGF:

1. Education and enablement:
Abstaining from a transfer of data is not a solution. We observe that many young people have a lack of sensibility with regard to privacy. Thus we see a necessity for a constant, sustainable education and awareness raising (for example in school education) to enable youth an autonomous competent handling of their data.

2. Social reality:
There exists social pressure with respect to the use of certain services. Staying away from these services implies social isolation. Instead of the current demand to abstain from the use of those services we demand the creation of more programmes raising awareness.

3. Privacy:
An anonymous handling of data is of essential relevance: we expect app services and other Internet service providers to save our data pseudonymously. Regulation may be necessary to create a feeling of trust and security among users. We furthermore demand the addition of a fundamental right to privacy in our constitution!

The original article and the German messages can be found here:

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