What does the future of the Internet look like? Is (online)privacy worth anything? Are hackers the national guards of the future? These and other questions were discussed during the National Youth Internet Discussion 2015 the NL IGF this year along with the LEMUN, Leiden Modern United Nations program on 9 June, organized by the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Leiden. The debate is a preparation for the debates that take place during the NLIGF event on October 1.

Bart Schermer, a lecturer at eLaw @ Leiden, Center for Law in the Information Society of the University of Leiden and partner at Considerati, kicked off with a lecture on the operational mechanics of the Internet. It is clear that for the pupils and students the subject is new, at least to think about it, because for most young people it’s a given that the Internet is there and works.

Chris van’ t Hof, internet sociologist, Tek Tok late night presenter and author of the book “Helping Hackers” gave a lecture about hacking. The significance of Responsible disclosure, literally and figuratively, proved difficult, but ultimately sufficiently clear to the young people to form an opinion about it. A real data auction caused a breezy final chord of the debate.

The young participants also presented a list of Top 10 priorities, in no particular order:

  1. Self-determination of (personal) data
  2. International Internet Regulations
  3. Net neutrality
  4. Ethical hacking
  5. Good international approach to combat child pornography
  6. Protection of copyright
  7. Tackling cyberbullying
  8. Human rights
  9. Implement the Right to be forgotten.
  10. Open and free internet (no censorship)

The National Youth Internet Discussion 2015, organized by the Dutch Internet Governance Forum (NL IGF). The NL IGF prepares the Dutch delegation to the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF), which takes place in Brazil in November. The IGF is a multi-stakeholder forum for political dialogue on issues related to Internet governance. It brings together all stakeholders in the discussion on the internet. As the voice of young people should not be missed in the (inter)national Internet discussion the NL IGF organizes the NL YOUNG IGF.

More information about the IGF, the NL IGF and its activities can be found at www.nligf.nl or follow through: LinkedIn / Twitter. For questions please mail to nligf@ecp.nl.

The Dutch original article can be found here: https://www.nligf.nl/nationaal-jongeren-internet-debat-2015-2/

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